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UGC Content Creation Services

Why me?

I love creating fun and engaging ways to create user generated content and tell people about great products! Making each piece real, relatable and authentic. As a professional voice actor I work a lot in commercials, I also own an e-commerce business so am super up-to-date with what's trending and what people want to see. I love fashion, skin care, and all things health & fitness and I have an adorable dog Dexter who loves a photoshoot!

I studied video production at school so I have a lot of experience in editing and creating content and making it engaging to get people hooked!

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Super Creamer
Why UGC?

"User Generated Content" is an additional way for you to create social proof. The way people consume social media has changed and now more than ever people don't want to be "sold to". But knowing someone like them is using the product and likes it, is more likely to get them to buy it.

"There's a 100.6% lift in conversion among those who interact with UGC than branded content"

"Consumers are 83% more likely to trust peers over the brand itself"

My Process

I start by thinking about your ideal customer and come up with content from the mindset of your audience.  I think about the main problem your customers are trying to solve, or put your product into a relatable setting that is desirable for your ideal customer, showing them your product in a setting that's achievable for them. Creating a feeling of desire.

I use the first 3 seconds to snatch your customers attention and keep them wanting to see more by using fast moving content, relatable statements or desirable scenarios.

So, send me a message or email to get started! I can't wait to get creative with your product!

Work with me  |  Tel: 803-307-7251

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Thanks I'll be in touch soon!

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